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Credenzas Are Making A High Fashion Statement In NYC

Credenzas NYC furniture is highly prized as a 16th century type of cupboard. This kind of cupboard usually has a central cupboard that is flanked by quadrant (1/4 of a circle) glass display type cabinets. It is often composed of a combination of burnished and highly polished wood that is decorated in the marquetry style. Marquetry art is piece of veneer applied to form decorative designs, patterns or even pictures.

The same marquetry design is often applied to seat furniture with smooth venerable surfaces. It is also used to form freestanding pictorial panels that many people have a high appreciation for. Sometimes the patterns can be similar to “Parquetry” which is seen in many of the more decorative wood floors and table tops.

Originally Credenzas was the Italian word for the person that tasted food for very important people to ensure that it didn’t contain poison. Later it referred to the kitchen area where the food tasting took place and finally to the style of furniture that was used.

Today’s Credenzas NYC furniture is more appreciated for its beauty and functionality. With the top often made of marble or some other decorative stone or inlaid wood, this piece of furniture is used to prepare food on. The top is easy to keep clean and sanitary so some of the finer restaurants in hotels will have Credenzas NYC cupboards.

Some of the most highly acclaimed home decorators are suggesting Credenzas NYC furniture more for its aesthetics than strictly for its functionality. They often recommend that this highly decorative piece be placed in formal dining rooms that have Parquetry floors to complement the patterned floor. They may even suggest that the formal dining table be made in the same style.

As in homes, restaurants will use a credenza as a sideboard. Credenzas NYC are being used as serving platforms for buffet meals. The cupboard space is handy for storing additional serving plates and glasses. In restaurants that do a lot of buffet type meal servings for business meetings, the credenza is the perfect piece of serving furniture and will often have two or more placed side by side to handle larger displays of the food being served.


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