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Creative Fencing Ideas for Aurora, CO Defines Living Spaces in Your Yard

Your yard is no longer just your yard. More and more, people view their yards as outdoor living spaces, or extensions of the living spaces in their homes. Today, living spaces in homes are less often defined by a closed off room contained within four walls. The living spaces in homes are opening up and becoming more yard-like. Nevertheless, the areas within those spaces continue to be defined, but more subtly with area rugs, clusters of furniture, or a statement chandelier overhead. You can create the same sort of subtle space divisions in your yard with the creative use of fencing in Aurora, CO.

Define Areas with Subtle Alternatives to Fencing

One subtle way define an outdoor area while preserving an open feel is to “fence it in” without using a fence.

An entertainment area could be edged with backless wooden bench seating to preserve the open feel of the area. The seats on the benches could even be hinged and lift up to provide storage space for cushions, throws, outdoor game equipment, or other things you want on hand for outdoor fun.

Another alternative that can provide an area with shade, privacy, and some protection from the wind would be a wooden planter or a wooden planter with a trellis to support climbing plants. Planters and the plants they contain can be any height. Flowering plants and those with ornamental leaves add color and pattern, and flowering plants also add fragrance. Taller or climbing plants provide shade, as well as some privacy and protection from the wind, while still retaining a sense of openness.

Creative Ideas for Wood Fencing

Versatile wood fencing offers a lot of options in fencing styles and wood choices. The placing of slats can alternate between the interior and exterior side of the fence. Slats don’t necessarily have to be placed vertically, either. They can be placed horizontally as well. Slats can even be placed shiplap style, or the slats can be woven around narrow spacers placed between the fence posts. All of these ideas introduce pattern and texture to the area. You can enhance the patterned effect by using two different woods, one dark and one light.

If you’re using wooden fencing to define a protected play area for your children, you could use any of the ideas above to create texture, or paint the slats to add color.

If you place the slats on the exterior of the fence, you can also place shelves between the fence posts to create a display area in your outdoor living space. You can use the shelves for plants, of course, but you also can use them to display unique natural objects, garden related or other sculptures, or other weather-resistant, durable objects.

Creative Ideas for Metal Fencing

Wrought iron fences offer a lovely, open way to define a garden area while introducing a contrasting texture to the plants and shrubs. A wrought iron fence could also set the tone for a meditation area or an enclosed private breakfast or dining area for couple to spend some quiet time together.

If you like a more industrial look, consider installing a chain link fence with slats of wood woven between the links.

For creative, custom fencing in Aurora, CO, call Western Maintenance & Construction.

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