Creating Amazing Smiles in Salem, Oregon, is Our Business Mar26


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Creating Amazing Smiles in Salem, Oregon, is Our Business

If the smile you were born with isn’t the one you have in mind, you’re not alone. Millions of people want a prettier grin. The advances today make it easy for dentists to fix a plethora of problems. When you decide it’s time to act upon the image in your mind, contact someone qualified in cosmetic dentistry in Salem, OR, to create the dream smile you’ve always envisioned.


New materials and techniques make it easier to fix a broken smile. Tooth-colored fillings replace silver and are practically invisible. Maybe you don’t suffer with cavities, but rather with stains. Habits like smoking and coffee-drinking can lead to teeth that are yellowed or stained. Cosmetic dentistry in Salem, OR, can fix the problem using trays filled with bleaching gels that you use at home or laser treatments performed in the office. Your teeth can be several shades whiter in one visit. If your teeth are broken or chipped, or if gaps between your teeth cause you embarrassment, porcelain veneers can be bonded to your teeth. These veneers will be shaped to fit. They create teeth that are dazzling white and perfectly even.

Missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants for a permanent solution. Teeth that are crowded can be straightened with aligners that are almost unnoticeable. Gum reductions, tooth lengthening, and other procedures can correct a multitude of cosmetic dental issues to help you achieve a fantastic smile.

Visit the staff at Shoreview Dental to discover all of your options.

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