Converting Videos to a Watchable Format

by | May 29, 2017 | Business

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Do you have a video that won’t play? What about an old VHS that you want converted to DVD or Blu-Ray? Whatever you need in regards to video, you can get it by working with a video conversion companies. These businesses can take the videos that you have and convert them quickly and easily into a format that you can watch. What are some of the conversions available? Keep reading!

Video to DVD Conversions

One of the most commonly requested conversions is a video to DVD conversion. You might have old movies on VHS tapes that you just can’t watch anymore. This is often the case for people who did a lot of taping with camcorders back in the 1980s and 1990s. What do you do with the cases and cases of VHS tapes you have? Get them converted! It’s simple and affordable, and you can choose to get them converted to DVD or Blu-Ray.

Video PAL Conversion

Another conversion that is popular is converting PAL videos to a watchable format. PAL videos used to be the standard in places like South America, New Zealand, Australia, China, India, and some countries in Europe. Some of these places also use types of PAL videos. If you would try to use a PAL video in the US in a US-based viewer, like a VCR, you would not be able to watch it. So, you have to put those tapes through video PAL conversions. This will convert them to NTSC, or National Television Standards Committee, which is what is used in the United States.

HD to 4K Conversion

Finally, you might want to convert your HD videos to 4k. Though you might not have 4k capabilities at this moment, you will definitely want to think about it. 4k is the future, and as they say…the future is now.

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