Considering Used Parts Over New Parts to Save Money on Any Car Repair

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Automotive

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If you’re looking for new auto parts in Alsip, chances are you are comparing prices to figure out which ones fit into your budget. Depending on the make of your car though, you might be spending so much money though on new auto parts in Alsip, that you aren’t able to afford to fix multiple parts of your car that could be breaking over time. Take a strong consideration into buying these parts used, so you save a lot of money.


Engines are known to be essentially the primary part of a car that lets it run. As time passes, engines can damage from accidents or typical wear and tear. While engines seem like they are too delicate to be bought used, many used engines are fully inspected and repaired for any faults to make sure that they are able to be used for a long time. Consider going for used engines when you are looking to save money.


Transmissions are unique in that they are essential for making a car run but requires a lot of more moving parts than the typical section in your car, meaning that it can break down easily. Going for a new transmission can be expensive if you are going through a car dealership, for example, since they are going to make every single part of the transmission new to up their costs. By going to somewhere reputable selling used parts instead, you can get your transmission fixed without having to worry about spending too much money on new parts. Think about going for a used transmission when you know that the quality will be similar without having to spend so much on it.

New Cats Auto Parts

Once you know the parts that you are going to get replaced, you need to find somewhere that will sell you what you need. New Cats Auto Parts sells auto parts in Alsip for all different models of cars so you can get what you need. Whether you need used parts or need someone to install parts in your car, New Cats Auto Parts is the place to go.

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