Considering the Advantages of Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Gig Harbor Feb19


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Considering the Advantages of Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Gig Harbor

Contractors who focus entirely on metal roofing installation and service typically don’t address any of the advantages of asphalt shingles. Yet shingle Roofing in Gig Harbor remains the most affordable choice for homeowners. Even shingled roofing is not cheap, so when homeowners must schedule this big home improvement project, they likely are interested in whether asphalt shingles have any advantages compared with metal roofs.

No True Weather-Related Advantages for Metal in This Region

Some advantages of metal roofs are simply not that important in this region. For instance, heavy snow slides off onto the ground and doesn’t have to be raked or shoveled off. It’s extremely rare for northeastern Washington to receive any significant amount of snow, however.

Metal roofs are dented by big pieces of hail, just as vehicles are. This can lead to big headaches for homeowners. If a large part of the roof is damaged, home insurance should cover full replacement. Unfortunately, in many cases, the deductible is high enough that repair work comes out of the property owner’s pocket. In contrast, shingle Roofing in Gig Harbor better withstands the impact from hail.

Leaks in the Metal System

Some contractors would have residential property owners believe that there are no drawbacks to metal roofs aside from the substantially higher upfront price, but that isn’t entirely true. In some instances, a problem with the installation leads to a leak in the system that can be difficult to fix.

Although the labor warranty will cover repairs for a specified length of time, the underlying issue can be hard to locate and resolve. The contractor may need to return several times. In the meantime, the homeowner is stuck dealing with the problem. That can be particularly aggravating in a rainy climate like this one.

Aesthetic Appearance of Shingles

Many people prefer the traditional aesthetic appearance of asphalt shingles as compared with metal. Although manufacturers have greatly improved the look of metal roofing products over the years, a large number of U.S. residents still like the colors, textures and styles of shingles as installed by a contractor such as Hanley Construction. For all these reasons, the demand for this type of roofing remains strong.

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