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Considering Replacing Your Factory Tint? Read This First.

Car tinting in Jacksonville, FL is simply applying a film to the windows to have privacy from outdoor onlookers. Polyethylene Terephthalate is the typical material used in the process. The tinting will also retain the ability for the driver to see on the outside without any difficulty.

Stock Factory Tints (Deep Dipping)

Tinting directly from the manufacturer is a slightly different process that colors the interior of the glass with a dark color. These tints are very common in modern trucks or SUVs but may also be a custom privacy option for other vehicles. This type of tinting cannot exceed 35% concealment in the front or side windows in most locations. The tint still provides sufficient protection from potential thieves peering into the car to seek personal belongings.

The downside of a factory tint is that it does not offer protection from sun rays. This tinting is not efficient in reducing heat in the interior of the car like chemically applied tints. For these reasons, this tinting is not as popular as aftermarket tinting.

Can I Remove or Replace My Factory Tint?

The factory tint cannot be removed since it is permanently embedded into the glass. Fortunately, regular external car tinting by Jacksonville, FL based shops may be used over the factory tints to match the rest of the car. If absolutely desired, the glass may be replaced with a clear glass and then applied with regular car tinting in Jacksonville, FL based shops if desired.

Considering the above, applying car tinting by Jacksonville, FL based shops cannot be considered a replacement or alternative to factory tints. Perhaps if the law is ever laxer about the permanent factory tints, then it would become a viable alternative. It is still possible to apply tint on top of your factory tint, but that factory application will always remain. Please research your local laws before attempting to tint your windows.

Advanced Window Tinting in Jacksonville, Florida is one of the best Florida based car tinting services. Not only do they help individuals with their car tinting, but they also provide bulk services directly to several dealerships in Jacksonville. In addition to automobiles, they have also provided window tinting to several private buildings in the Jacksonville metro area.

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