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Considering Chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Hartford CT

Financially, times are tough for many right now. They have been for a few years and there is no indicator that it’s going to improve greatly any time in the near future. Jobs are hard to come by and wages are even worse. Many are struggling to stretch their money to pay bills and most are still coming up short. When their isn’t enough money to go around to all the creditors looking for payment, there isn’t too much you can do. One option, when you’ve exhausted everything else, is to consider filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Hartford CT. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will allow you protection from your creditors, yet give you a way to pay at least a portion of your debts without harassment or collection calls day and night.

If you have assets you don’t want to lose, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy isn’t for you. This type bankruptcy is only for those who have no assets and no ability to repay any of their debts. For someone who is employed, has some assets such as a home or a vehicle, along with unsecured credit card or medical debt, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the way to go. To find out more about this, you’ll need to meet with an attorney that handles Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Hartford CT, such as an attorney at the Jefferson Hanna Law Firm.

Hiring a professional and knowledgeable attorney will help you find relief from your financial woes and at the same time be able to stop the harassing, non stop telephone calls from creditors. As soon as you file the bankruptcy papers, all correspondence will be handled by the attorney. No more calls demanding payment, no more threats of court or lawsuits, and no more worries each time you walk to the mailbox.

The attorney will file your bankruptcy paperwork, determine your monthly payment to the trustee to repay your debts, accompany you to court and help you finalize your case. After your payments are completed, though it may only be pennies on the dollar of your original debt, your remaining debt balances will be discharged and you’ll be debt free.

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a last resort, but it’s a viable way to protect yourself from overwhelming debt and debt collectors. If you’re in over your head, speak to an attorney to see if it’s an option for you. Click here for more information.

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