Consider the Better Business Bureau Rating when Comparing Naperville Plumbers Jun06


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Consider the Better Business Bureau Rating when Comparing Naperville Plumbers

When comparing Naperville Plumbers, one thing you should always do is check the Better Business Bureau rating of each plumbing company to determine their trustworthiness. One question many have though is what criteria are used when calculating these ratings. How does the Better Business Bureau rate a company on fairness and honesty, the two characteristics the rating is supposed to judge? Only when you have this information can you determine which Naperville Plumbers best meet your needs.

When the Better Business Bureau goes to rate a plumber in Naperville, 16 factors are taken into consideration and each factor receives a weight. Actual incidents involving customers are considered along with objective information obtained by the bureau. To ensure the actual incidents are as described, they are verified and evaluated by professionals retained by the BBB. Each specific issue which affects the rating of a business is described in the company’s reliability report which can be obtained through the BBB. These reports are free and may be accessed online to make finding the right plumber easy.

The Better Business Bureau looks at the plumbing company’s overall complaint history, including not only the number of complaints which have been lodged against the plumber, but also the severity of these complaints. Complaint resolutions are investigated to determine how long it takes to achieve a resolution and whether or not a company demonstrates good faith when trying to resolve the issue. The length of time the business has been in operation and whether or not it meets appropriate licensing standards plays a role in the rating along with advertising issues and actions related to marketplace activities brought by the government.

When the BBB goes to assign a rating to a plumbers in Naperville, it also looks at whether or not the business will likely lead to high levels of dissatisfaction among customers. In addition, it considers whether or not the company is likely to act in violation of the law and misrepresent its services and products. Once all factors are considered and weighted, the BBB gives the company a rating, ranging from A+ to F. Those in need of a plumbing company in Naperville should take this rating into consideration when choosing a plumber and look for one with an A+ rating as the level of customer service and attention is likely to be higher than with a company with a lower rating.

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