Common Traits of Hindu Marriage Cards

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Business

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There are a lot of different kinds of wedding cards that are available for people of all faiths to choose from. Certain types of cards may have certain features to fit the religious theme of certain weddings. This is certainly true of Hindu marriage cards. There are some common traits that these particular cards tend to share, which include artwork, color, envelopes, and careful word choice.


Hindu marriage cards are often very artistic to look at and feature beautiful art designs. Some couples may spend a lot of time poring over different designs by experienced designers. There are some motifs that may be displayed with the designs, such as lamps, folded hands, or even traditional scroll work. The design of the card is very important, as most couples will likely wish to save it for the rest of their lives.


Color is, of course, another important part of designing the right marriage card. Some couples may want their cards to match whatever color theme they may have for their wedding. Some colors tend to be more suitable than others. For example, you might not find very many Hindu wedding cards that are black. Common colors to choose include green, orange, yellow, or red.


While the design of the card itself is very important, the design of the envelope is also important. Often, the envelope to house the card will match the design of the actual card. The envelope also acts to protect the card. Should you ever receive Hindu marriage cards in the mail, you will likely see that the envelope has been chosen with just as much care as the invitation.

Word Choice

While the artwork, color, and envelope are all important aspects to consider, wording on the invitation is just as important—if not more. Couples will spend a lot of time finding just the right wording, which may request blessings from Hindu Gods as well as the guests. Colloquial wording tends to be avoided here.

Hindu marriage cards are very beautiful pieces of art that are made to be preserved and cherished for a lifetime. There are certain common traits that you will find with Hindu cards, which include the artwork, color choice, envelopes, and word choice. Couples take time to ensure they have beautiful cards to send to their guests and preserve for years to come.

You can find other common traits of Hindu marriage cards as well, including the structure of the card. When choosing to use Hindu marriage cards, be sure to consider each of these traits carefully in order to choose the right card for you and your significant other.

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