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Common Terms Used by Funeral Homes for Cremation Services

Every profession has its own terminology. Funeral homes are no exception. In Asheville NC, if you are planning a cremation, the list below could prove helpful.

Advance Planning

Everyone should have a plan in place before s/he dies. It should include the method of final disposition – burial or cremation, as well as preference for type of funeral services.


Ashes are the remains following cremation. They are often referred to as “cremains” or “cremated remains.”

Celebration of Life Service

This funeral service is highly personalized. Its content and format vary according to the wishes of the deceased and concerned parties.


This is a structure – freestanding or integrated into a chapel or mausoleum, constructed with niches designed to house the cremation urns.

Using intense heat, cremation reduces the physical body to ash and fragments of bone.

Cremation Casket
This combustible casket is often called a cremation container.

Crematory or Crematorium
In Asheville NC and elsewhere, this structure may or may not be attached to funeral homes, where cremation occurs.

Direct Cremation

This describes a no-frills cremation – no viewing, visitation or ceremony.

Graveside Service

Traditionally, this is a service held by the grave. It also describes one held in a crematory chapel before cremation.


This is the distribution of the ashes. Funeral homes in Asheville NC may suggest scatterings of the following kind:

  • Scattering Garden: A plot of land set aside for this purpose.
  • Sky Scattering: Releasing the ashes into the air.
  • Water Scattering: Tossing the ashes into the sea.

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