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Common Social Security Disability Claim in Tulsa, OK Mistakes

Having debilitating injuries can make a person’s life very difficult. If the injuries a person has prevents them from working, they will need to file a disability claim. While it may sound relatively easy to file and get approved for Social Security disability benefits, it is anything but.

Each year, thousands of people try to file a social security disability claim in Tulsa, OK on their own with little to no success. If a person wants a good shot at getting their claim approved, they will need to hire a lawyer with experience. Read below to find out about some of the most common disability claim mistakes and how to avoid them.

Filing a Disability Claim While Still Working

Technically, there is no law or rule stating a person cannot file a disability claim while working. Usually, these types of claims are rejected for a number of reasons. When a person files, they are asking for financial help due to debilitating injuries.

If the Social Security office sees that a person is still working, the severity of their injuries and ailments will usually be called into question. People who are unable to work a job due to their injuries are usually more likely to be approved for these benefits.

Failing to Get Help from a Legal Professional

The application process involved in getting disability benefits is quite complex. If a person does not have experience with the legal system, they will usually struggle to get the benefits they are after. Instead of complicating matters, a person will need to find a legal professional to help them out.

A lawyer will be able to review the particulars of a case and decide whether or not it is worth pursuing. With an attorney’s help, a person will have a better shot at getting the benefits they need.

Finding the right legal help with a Social Security disability claim in Tulsa, OK is important. The team at website.com have helped a variety of clients get the disability benefits they were entitled to.

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