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Common Repair Issues for HVAC Harrisburg PA

Pennsylvania residents know a thing or two about humid summers and freezing winters, and Harrisburg is no exception. As soon as summer and winter usher in extreme hot and cold temperatures, HVAC breakdowns increase dramatically. Often, this happens not because the equipment itself is poorly manufactured, but due to error on the part of the installer or operator. You might be surprised to learn about how many basic types of human error and miscalculation cause big HVAC problems. What are some common issues with heating and air conditioning installation and operation that increase the need for HVAC Harrisburg PA repair?

One example of an installation issue that could cause a heating or air conditioning breakdown is miscalculation that leads to the recommendation of a unit that is too large or small for the premises. If the unit is too large, it will cycle on and off too frequently and cause the unit to wear out prematurely. If the unit is too small, it will simply stay on and run constantly, which will also cause it to wear out before its time. Another issue is installing ducts that are too small, which can cause air conditioning coils to freeze and lead to a breakdown. A qualified technician for Air Conditioning Harrisburg PA can further explain these installation issues and how they can be avoided.

Operator error can also lead to the breakdown of HVAC equipment. For example, running an air conditioner with the windows open will drastically reduce the unit’s lifespan. Keeping windows and doors closed while using the air conditioning may seem like common sense, but this advice is neglected more often than one might realize. A well-known example of operator-caused HVAC equipment issues is failure to have the units serviced regularly. If you find the right company to work on HVAC Harrisburg PA equipment now, you’re less likely to suffer through breakdowns later. A professional should clean air conditioning coils every year, or else the compressor or fan could become overworked and fail. Once you have properly working air conditioning to enjoy from spring through Indian summer, do not forget to plan ahead for Heating Harrisburg PA maintenance to prepare for the chilly fall and winter seasons that are sure to follow.

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