Common Reasons for Clogged Drains in Laundry Rooms and Kitchens

Every household room with a drain has the potential for the pipe underneath to become clogged. That’s especially true when the residents and their guests are not careful about the materials they send down those drains. Ideally, only water and a reasonable amount of cleaning products should run through the pipes heading to the sewer line. Service to fix a clogged drain in Highland Park, IL, is available from skilled plumbers.

Laundry Room

Some households run the drain hose from the washing machine into a sink. From there, a pipe might send the water to the sewer line. Another possibility is to have a second hose connected to the sink that lets the water flow into the floor drain.

The sink drain can easily become blocked with lint if there is no strainer in place. That’s relatively easy to fix with a standalone version not connected to the plumbing system. However, a plumber offering service to fix a clogged drain in Highland Park, IL, will likely be required for the other setup.


Food and grease are the two major culprits in most kitchen sink clogs. People rinse their plates or wash dishes and don’t use a strainer. When cooking oil is poured into the drain, it can solidify on the sides of the pipe. The sticky texture also catches food particles and holds them. All of this restricts the flow of water. A plumber resolves these problems.

Households needing help with blocked drains may get in touch with BMW Plumbing, Inc. through contact information at

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