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Common Questions About Commercial Roofing in Salem, OR

The questions that businesses have about installing or repairing their commercial roofing company in Salem OR are much the same as questions that home owners have, but on a much larger scale. That is, larger in terms of square feet and larger in terms of the costs. A commercial roof can cost several hundred thousand dollars depending on the size of the building, the materials used, the amount of labor required to complete the job, and whether the building already has an old roof that needs to be removed first.

Businesses, just like home owners, should make sure the roofing contractor is licensed and insured. There should be adequate liability coverage for any crew member who could get hurt while on your business property. If the contractor doesn’t have enough coverage, your business’s liability coverage will have to pay, and it could cost you your business. The contractor should have several million dollars in liability coverage just in case.

Many commercial roofs are flat, and businesses ask if their roof should receive any kind of periodic maintenance. Roofing contractors often provide preventive maintenance programs. They can come out on a one-time basis or put you on a schedule for twice a year physical inspections of the roof. Don’t wait until you start to notice leaks, because at that point, especially if there are multiple leaks happening, it may be too late to repair the roof and you may need a new one. To help you stay within your operating budget, the contractor will go up on the roof and inspect seams, membranes, caulking, flashing, and the drainage system. They will also remove any debris and vegetation that may block the drains. They can spot problem areas and get you an estimate on a timely repair.

Another question that businesses with flat roofs have is if their roof should be changed to a slightly sloping roof instead. If the roof is collecting standing water that does not drain off or evaporate within three days, you may need to have more drainage installed. If that isn’t possible due to the structure, then the roof may need to be sloped.

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