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Common Power Transmission Products

For many companies in Texas, high-performance power transmission products comprise essential components of what they make and/or do. They rely on these devices to keep their business functioning smoothly and in the black. They are the basis and even the backbone of their equipment. They are components that keep the machinery glues together – in more ways than one.

Basic Components

Every technological device, electrical machine, and operating systems are composed of components. Rarely is a product a singular entity. Instead, the entire system consists of diverse products or components including:

Belts and Sheaves: Belts come in different types. Common ones include v-belts and synchronous drive belts. They often work together with pulleys and sheaves

Chains and Sprockets: The two work together for the transmission of mechanical power. The types of sprockets depend on the hub

Drive components: This category consists of breaks, clutches, gears and variable speed motor drives. Common gear types are cluster, clutch, helical, spur and worm

Shaft couplings: These join two shafts. Two types are flexible shaft and rigid shaft

Each of these power transmission products plays a specific role, combining with other components in their application to ensure the conveyance of material efficiently, effectively and securely. They act to reduce slippage.

The ideal models of these products are of high quality. They must also be:

  • A perfect fit for their application
  • Come in a precise design
  • Must be easy to install
  • Durable
  • Simple to remove for replacement or maintenance
  • Be customizable when requisite

Power Transmission Products

Power transmission producing companies require the best components to ensure the operation of their businesses goes as smoothly and productively as possible. Producing power transmission products requires skilled and experienced machinists. Texas firms are not alone in demanding these products be of high quality while proving to be durable, efficient and of the exacting specifications the application demands.

Bulldog Specialties, LTD is a stocking manufacturers’ representative that offers its customers quality manufactured Power Transmission Products. In Texas, they have a reputation for providing high-quality products together with unique service levels. Whether you are looking for bushings, V-belts, sheaves, pipe nipples, unions or hoses, talk to their dedicated staff. They are always willing to help your company find the optimal solution. For more information on the company, its products and services, visit them at http://www.bulldogspecialties.com/.

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