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Common materials used for countertops

A kitchen countertop in Stevens Point WI not only serves as a functional component of your kitchen cabinetry but it is an integral part of the interior design scheme. Depending on how your kitchen is used, there are a number of different options for the countertops.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the ultimate kitchen countertop is granite; they are extremely durable and there is no problems when hot pots are placed on granite, you can cut directly on it, spill liquids on it that wipe right up and sanitary. Granite is a material that was formed from magma and this material is non-porous and as it is installed as one big slab, there are no joints where bacteria can get a foot hold. All of these features come at a price, a granite countertop in Stevens Point WI is the most expensive; however, the functionality and beauty makes granite the ultimate work surface.

Ceramic counter tops are also durable, but the grout between the tiles stains and gives bacteria the opportunity to prosper. The grout can be removed and replaced every couple of years which allows the countertop to retain is fresh look however; it will stain if anything is dropped on it and if a heavy object is dropped, the individual tile may break which is problematic as replacing an old tile will be difficult.

Quartz and marble are beautiful stone materials but as they are softer than granite, they have the tendency to stain and mar easier. For baking purposes, marble is an ideal material to have when rolling dough but in most instances, these more porous stone tops are reserved for homes where there is not a lot of cooking happening.

A reasonably new material that is gaining in popularity is engineered stone. If these materials are marked, they can be renewed with a light sanding and they are hygienic as they are one piece. They are not quite as durable as granite but they come close to the cost of granite. As they are an engineered product, the slabs are identical in color and grain to one another; this is not the case with natural stone.

The least expensive countertop in Stevens Point WI is a laminate. These materials are easy to install and come in a wide range of colors and patterns making them an ideal way to have an inexpensive kitchen area.

A countertop in Stevens Point WI produced from granite, marble or quartz is available from Stone Innovators. With a large inventory of slabs, you have the opportunity to select the ideal top for your home.

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