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Common Hair Loss Treatments In Pittsburgh

Alopecia or hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. If you start losing hair, it doesn’t mean that you are fated to go completely bald. Do not ignore sudden hair loss because this could be the symptom of an illness. Because there are so many physical causes of hair loss, it’s important to get a doctor’s diagnosis as to the exact cause of your hair loss. There are many Hair loss treatments Pittsburgh men and women.

Wigs Or Hairpieces

Wigs are a very effective non-surgical way to cover up hair loss. It is unknown how long men and women have been wearing wigs. In ancient Egypt, men and women of the upper classes would purposefully shave their heads in order to wear fashionable wigs. During the seventeenth century, men preferred wearing wigs than their natural hair. Legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart collected wigs. Modern wigs and hairpieces look natural and are easy to care for.

Hair Thickening Formulas

Hair thickening formula helps with some people who have thinning hair or very small bald patches interspersed in their hair. It’s not a coloring agent or a cover up for bald skin. It helps to fluff out your existing hair to cover up thinning areas or bald patches. Wash your hair as usual and then add the formula. Adjust your hair with a comb, brush or your fingers and style it as usual.

Scalp Reduction

This is one of a few hair replacement surgical procedures open for men or women. In scalp reduction surgeries, bald scalp skin is removed. Some people have lots of lose skin around their heads. Scalp skin with hair is pulled over the removed areas, creating a full head of hair. Skilled surgeons can also insert skin with growing hair follicles into bald areas. Talk to your hair replacement specialist to see what type of scalp reduction surgery would work for you.

Hair Transplants

Also called hair plugs, hair transplants are small surgeries that take skin that is growing hair on other parts of your body and places it on your scalp. The best places to harvest hair transplants are from the back or sides of the head.

To learn more about Hair thickening Pittsburgh area experts can advise you on the best solution depending on the severity of your hair loss and your budget.


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