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Commercial Roofing in Omaha

Commercial roofing is similar to home roofing in many ways, but there are some differences. While most roofing materials will work for both structural types, commercial roofs are usually much larger than those found on single-family homes. The large scale of commercial Roofing Omaha can pose challenges for roofing contractors, as well as issues with precipitation and ventilation. Below are some of the materials most commonly used on commercial roofs.

Polymer Membranes

It can be difficult for a Rooferto waterproof a commercial roof, but polymer membranes make the process easier. These are one-ply membranes made of a hybrid synthetic polymer material, and they’re easy to install; they can be cut to fit any roof contour. Some membranes even have insulating properties, which can lower a business’ monthly energy bill.


Commercial shingles are similarly designed to the built up roof’, which uses a fiberglass/wood base coated in asphalt. They aren’t installed as single pieces; each shingle is installed one at a time in an overlapping fashion.

Metal Roof

Metal has a long lifespan as a roofing material, and it’s easily adaptable to a variety of applications. Some metal roofing has a shingle-like pattern, making it a very popular choice. Metal Roofing Omahais also popular because it’s recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option.


Asphalt is applied in layers. The job begins with a poly base, followed by coats of gravel, asphalt and then glaze. An asphalt roof is weather-resistant because of its layered structure.

Slate Roofing Materials

Natural slate roofing materials are among the most durable option; slate in its purest form can last for hundreds of years. Not only is it long lasting, slate roofing offers a very elegant appearance, and it’s highly resistant to algae and fungus growth, making it a very low-maintenance option.

There are a lot of options when it comes to commercial roofing; many more than are included here. Whether you’re remodeling your commercial structure or building one from the ground up, the type of roofing you choose will have an effect on your energy cost and the structural integrity of your building. so it’s important to choose carefully.

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