Commercial Office Space in Yonkers – Basics Of Starting A Fruitful Business

If you have finally decided to unleash your inner entrepreneur and start up your own business you want to be certain you are doing everything you can to make sure your business fruitful. There are some basics to consider once you know what your business will entail to protect yourself as well as to make sure you are ready to reach and serve your customers.

Intellectual Property

Not all companies will have intellectual property per se. However if you are building your business on a specific approach, product, unique service or even a slogan or logo then you want to ensure you protect your intellectual property. In Yonkers you can register intellectual property based on the following:
• Patents
• Trademarks
• Copyright
• Designs
• Circuit layouts
• Plant Breeders Rights

Commercial Office Space

Many businesses today are virtual operations with little to no meeting with clients or even employees. However if your business requires face to face meetings of any kind you want to be ready with a commercial office space where you can meet with clients, conduct interviews with potential employees and even have a space for temporary workers if you have a special project to complete. An excellent option for new businesses is to look at renting commercial office space in a Yonkers where you have access to the space you need when you need it from an actual work space to a meeting room.


Coming up with the face of your business is a little more complicated in today’s business world. You are not just looking at business cards and letter head but also need to have an online presence. A website is a must and there are many easy, free services to get you started. Once you begin to generate revenue you can invest more money into your online advertising. Some easy starts is looking at a Facebook page, having a Twitter presence and if you have a business in areas such as design you can also post work and trend setting designs on Pinterest.

Make sure customers can reach you quickly and easily. Have all of your contact information figured prominently in all of your ads, your website, store front, etc. Starting a business is a stressful process but is also your opportunity to do things your way and make your mark in your industry.
If you are in need of commercial office space in Yonkers visit to learn more about the rooms and services available at South Street Lofts.

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