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Cloud Security Solutions For All Industries

A common misperception by many small to mid-size businesses and organizations is one around security. These smaller sized companies may not realize hackers target them, and their lack of dedicated IT teams focusing on security leaves them vulnerable.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to tighten up their network is to use cloud security solutions. These solutions are available for all businesses and industries across all sectors. Cloud-based document storage, software, and applications are increasingly important to growing businesses.

Public Vs. Private Cloud Security

Companies requiring more than standard encryption and protection of stored data can move from a public cloud to a private cloud. Private clouds only have one tenant, similar to a dedicated physical server. One tenant on the cloud allows for full customization of security and cloud-based applications, adding to the already significant security offered on public cloud hosting.

Public cloud security solutions should include end-to-end encryption. The importance of this security solution is to render data unreadable even in the event of a breach.

Specialized Solutions

In addition to standard public cloud security and unique private cloud security solutions, there are also clouds for specific industries. SAP certified clouds and clouds designed with the additional security and features for the banking industry provide customized solutions.

When businesses choose Tally as their ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, choosing a provider that offers Tally on cloud hosting saves time, ensures compliance, and allows your business to operate across multiple geographic zones without security concerns.

To learn more about the cloud security solutions offered at Web Werks, visit us online. We are easy to find at webwerks.in.

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