Clogged Sink? Call a Drain Cleaning Contractor in Galveston TX Apr08


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Clogged Sink? Call a Drain Cleaning Contractor in Galveston TX

When a person is brushing their teeth and the water starts to pile up in the waster basin instead of running down the drain, that’s a sign that the homeowner has a problem. If the homeowner buys a drain cleaner at the hardware store and it doesn’t work, they can try a snake. When both of these methods fail, that’s a sign that the clog is deep in the system. If it isn’t treated soon, other household drains could be affected. A backed up toilet could be the next unpleasant problem.

A drain cleaning plumber in Galveston TX has modern video equipment that will enable him to find and see the clog. Depending upon it’s location and characteristics he might choose to use a snake with motorized metal teeth on the end to dislocate it and get the water flowing again. For really tough clogs he might use his hydro-jetting equipment. This is a strong hose with a powerful nozzle attached. The nozzle shoots out water at very high pressure. This pressure can unclog the most powerful grease clog in just a few minutes. Jobs that could have taken a day to fix are completed in less than an hour or two.

While homeowners certainly appreciate this quick fix, it is a financial lifesaver for commercial uses that serve the public. Clogged drains can make it impossible for restaurant patrons to use the restrooms. They can also make it impossible to maintain sanitary conditions in the kitchen. As a result, the restaurant has to close until the problem is solved. Depending upon local health regulations, an inspector might have to inspect the premises before it can reopen.

Finding a plumber on nights and weekends can be a nightmare, if the customer doesn’t have a maintenance agreement with a plumbing company. Most businesses, such as restaurants, have such an agreement. Often plumbers will agree to be on the scene within an hour. Homeowners often don’t realize that they too can have a service agreement with a plumber. Often the plumber will perform an annual inspection to make sure the drains are in good shape. Then if something does go wrong, they give the customer priority on the appointment list. If the call is on a weekend or night, they will often waive any extra fee.

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