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Clean Ducts, Clean air

It’s surprisingly easy to forget about the ducts in an office building, or any larger building that needs that sort of ventilation. People with homes might not even realize that their central air unite has duct work connecting it to the vents. The problem is that things can collect in the ducts that are harmful. It’s important to know if you need duct cleaning and who your options are. There is no regional difference for ducts, but in general the more humid areas like Tarpon Springs, FL are more apt to develop mold or other irritants in the duct work. However, the drier more arid places can still collect dust at an alarming rate, and every location has vermin.

You should have some sort of schedule as to when you get a duct cleaning; however, there are certain things that can put you ahead of schedule. One thing to look for is if the air smells old, or moldy. That signifies you might want to check for dust or mold. For people with certain allergies or respiratory problems either irritant can be a real problem so you want to be proactive in handling the situation. For some asthmatics dust and mold can be constant irritants that cause inflammation of the passages of the lungs leading to increased difficulty breathing, even if it’s not acute having persistent asthma problems can be exhausting and unpleasant.

There’s another thing that should be a quick trigger to check the ducts, if you hear or see vermin, especially rodents. If they are in the ducts they can be dragging trash, and worse leaving their feces in the air ducts, that means that all of the air is going to blow over their waste material. As much as this might seem like it’s just gross for the sake of being gross there are real health concerns, no animal has clean feces. If you’re breathing in contaminated air people might get sick. If you see or hear creatures in or around the ducts it’s time to check. If you see them actually in the ducts then just call the duct cleaning company.

There is a bright side, universal problems tend to have more active groups helping to fix them. So you’ll be able to contract HVAC firms that have experience at duct cleaning. Hiring an experienced firm is always a good thing, it means their people know what they’re doing on the practical side and they know how to manage you from the business side. Tarpon Springs, FL is just as likely as any other city to have companies and professionals who can handle your duct cleaning needs.


Duct cleaning Tarpon Springs FL – Keeping the air clean for those who live and work in an area is tremendously important. There’s the humane aspect and the liability aspect, no matter why you want duct cleaning, you should give Palm Harbor AC a call if you’re in the Tarpon Springs, FL area and need any sort of HVAC service. They can be found online at: http://www.palmharborac.com or reached via telephone at 727-786-3276.

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