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Choosing Which Gazebos Fit Your Style

Spring is here and what better way to spend those warm afternoons than lounging in your Gazebos In Greenville? For those who may not know what a gazebo is, they are typically stand alone, roofed structures which are open on all sides. Some varieties of Gazebos Greenville SC are attached to, or a part of, a garden wall. Excellent examples of these types of gazebos can be seen in English gardens, or the American versions which are often found in New England.

Gazebos come in a variety of types. Besides the standard, and often seen, octagonal or hexagonal versions common to suburbia, there is the ever popular pergola which is often used in, but not exclusive to, warmer climates. Unlike the gazebo, the pergola is often an open lattice roofed structure, which is usually covered with vines. There is also the belvedere, a structure which is typically designed to take advantage of a scenic view. Sometimes the belvedere is built on a top floor, or the roof of a building, to take advantage of a particular view. This type of structure was popular in Italian architecture, and perhaps is best represented by the ‘Belvedere for Pope Innocent VIII’. Yet another type of gazebo is the rotunda. These are round buildings generally covered with a dome. One simple example would be the band rotunda, which is a bandstand usually covered with a dome and often found in parks.

Granted, some of these may be too exotic for the average yard, but it really depends on the look you are trying to achieve and perhaps the size of the pergola you require. Simple gardens often work best with the classic gazebo, but if space is at a premium then a smaller imitation of the English garden variety can fit in anywhere.

The beauty of the gazebo, lies in it’s simplicity. It can be easily adapted to suit whatever surroundings you require, with minimal effort. They are generally low maintenance structures, which can last for many years. Gazebos Greenville SC can be purchased as a mass produced kit from various outlet stores, or installed by qualified contractors you can find in your local area through the yellow pages, or online advertisements.

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