Choosing the Right Shot for Your Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota Dec24


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Choosing the Right Shot for Your Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota

There is a lot of information to be learned about pheasant hunting by researching what experienced hunters have done during their best pheasant hunting trips. One thing you will notice is that there is a lively discussion among hunters about the right shot to use.

Many hunters opt for 20-gauge shotguns. However, others adamantly argue the benefits of a 16 gauge. Some even think that a 12 gauge, which is commonly used for hunting goose and duck, will work well.

If a pheasant hunter is hunting in an area where lead shot is allowed, they might use a five lead shot. Some hunters are going to shoot with a seven and a half shot. The problem with this is that it is not strong enough. You could hit a bird and knock it out of the sky, but the bird is going to survive the blast.

It is recommended that if you choose to use steel shot, then you want to use a bigger size than you would if you were using lead. If you are shooting on public land, typically you can’t use lead shot. Choose a size four steel shot.

Something to remember is that your range is going to be reduced with steel. If you keep your shots to 50 yards or under, you should do just fine.

Pheasant hunting is an enjoyable experience. If you research the area where you are going to be hunting in advance and do your due diligence when selecting your shot, you increase the chance of making your next hunting trip one of the best pheasant hunting trips you have ever had.

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