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Choosing the best fence companies in Nassau County, NY

When choosing the best fence companies in Nassau County, NY, there are a few basic rules that you may consider following.

Perhaps the most important attribute is the reputation of the company and examples of their recent work. Fencing companies should be insured and licensed of course and part of their dossier should be a listing of customer references. The references are better if they contain customers from a couple of years back. Almost anything that is installed looks wonderful on day one, it may be different two or three years later when weather and the environment have had an effect on the installation.

If fence companies in Nassau County, NY have a specialty this is something to consider, you also need to question the warranty and finally, consider the price. As the fence is intended to last for many years, being penny pinching may prove to be a mistake as time goes by.


As you go through the process of reviewing the various fence companies do not forget to call the Better Business Bureau and see if any unanswered complaints have been filed against them. There are always forums on-line that discuss the merits, or lack of them, of almost every company that provides a domestic service. If you haven’t the time or inclination to visit some sites where the contractor has worked in the past, ask him for his portfolio which will show photographs of his work and from this, you can judge the standard that he works too.

All reputable fence companies in Nassau County, NY will be licensed and insured, these documents should be available if you ask to see them. The insurance should cover any injuries to the workers that may happen and any damages that are caused to your home or the property of others. If the contractor that you are looking at hiring is more involved and better suited at installing a fence other than the one you want, you may want to keep looking. Fencing can be quite tricky and a company may do excellent work with one style or type, but may not have the skills to perform well with other fence styles.

Material quality:

Fences are designed to last for many years, choosing the right fence companies will go a long way to assure this. Fences get exposed to weather day in and day out for years, the materials used in their construction need to be durable and long lasting. The highest quality materials come with the longest warranty; the best materials usually carry a complimentary warranty for workmanship. You are well advised to ask for written copies of the warranties before proceeding.

When you are searching for quality fence companies in Nassau County, NY you are invited to contact All Precision Fence Company, fencing kits and financing plans are available.

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