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Choosing the Best Child Pediatrician in Summerville SC

Choosing a Child Pediatrician in Summerville SC, is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. The average pediatrician does much more than monitor the health of their patients. They are also available to assist new parents with tips about dealing with fussy eaters, getting children to sleep better, and offering advice about potty training. Since this is a working relationship that will often last 18 years or longer, it is necessary to find a professional that people feel comfortable around.

A pediatrician will monitor growth, look for signs of developmental problems, and protect against common illnesses like colds and flu. Seeing the same doctor consistently ensures that each child is properly monitored. This is how many problems are identified, but it also makes certain the testing, screenings, and immunizations every child needs are done on time.

Growing up with the same Child Pediatrician in Summerville SC, will help children to feel more comfortable with this person. This makes it easier for them to talk to the doctor, something that becomes more important as children begin to mature. A good pediatrician/child relationship will allow them to know they can trust their doctor and talk to them about things they may not always feel comfortable discussing with their parents.

The first year of life requires numerous appointments to enable monitoring of growth and providing the medical care all infants need. After that, annual wellness checks will help to maintain their good health. Pediatricians can also provide care for minor emergencies like a sprained ankle or follow-up care on more serious health concerns. They are also a resource for advice about nutrition, supplements and vitamins, and a number of other questions many parents have.

Choose a pediatrician that is conveniently located and offers reasonable office hours, like Sapeds Clinic. Medical practices that are often overbooked have limited office hours and are difficult to get to can make it easy to reschedule or cancel appointments. Over time, this could lead to not providing children with the routine care when it is needed. Being too busy could also mean that calls are not returned or that appointments are rushed. Compassion and respect for their patients are a trait of a good doctor and clinic, so research carefully before deciding who to trust.

Palmetto Pediatrics has been serving the greater Charleston and Summerville communities since 1975. Visit for more information.

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