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Choosing the best car accident lawyer in Ann Arbor MI

In the event you are involved in a car accident and the accident was not your fault you may choose to sue the at fault driver for damages. If this is the case you will want to hire the best Ann Arbor car accident lawyer in MI. Among the factors that are important in choosing a lawyer is his reputation and experience as well as one that focuses his practice on personal injury rather than a lawyer who acts as general practitioner. In addition you should consider the fee arrangements, the best personal injury lawyers work on contingency; if there is no award they do not collect a fee.

When you are faced with choosing the best car accident lawyer experience really does count. You will be looking for a lawyer that is familiar with all the “ins and outs” of dealing with cases of this nature and has a powerful courtroom presence if it comes to that. They should also be familiar and understand all the changes that took place under the most recent reform. Some of the rules recently changed and took effect in July 2020. A less experienced lawyer or one which does not focus on car accident cases may not be nearly as effective when arguing on your behalf in court or negotiating an out of court settlement with the opposing attorney. They may also be unfamiliar with Michigan’s No-Fault Act and the recent reforms. As knowledge is always important in personal injury cases it is best to opt for a lawyer that will provide expert legal services to the residents of Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.

The reputation of any lawyer is paramount when you are considering hiring him. It is always a good idea to solicit any names that you can from family, friends or people you work with that have been in a similar situation. If you are unable to gather the names of any potential lawyers to represent your interest check online for law firm reviews, pay particular attention to those local firms that deal with car accident cases.

For the best representation pay particular attention to the focus of the firm before you decide. A lawyer offering general services might take the case but may not have the knowledge to comfortably represent a client in this category of law. Most experts in the legal field agree that a client’s best interest is served by a lawyer that deals with the client’s particular case as a matter of course and as such your interests will be best served by the best Ann Arbor car accident lawyer in MI.

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