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Choosing the Right Mantel for a New Fireplace Installation in Draper, UT

Fireplace mantels are the decorative frames that surround the firebox. Homeowners considering Fireplace Installation in Draper UT should first give some thought to what type of mantel they want, as should any homeowner who is interested in giving his or her existing fireplace a facelift. Read on to find some basic information about fireplace mantels and how to choose the right one.

Traditional Vs Contemporary

Homes that were constructed prior to WWII often have mantels already installed. They are often constructed of brick or wood and can be extremely ornate. This type of design can be difficult to incorporate into more contemporary designs, though, which is why many homeowners choose to replace their traditional mantels with more contemporary designs.

Custom Designs

For homeowners who are looking into new Fireplace Installation in Draper UT, a custom designed mantel is often the best option. These mantels can be constructed from anything from wood to concrete and can be designed to meet the specific size and style requirements of the home. Homeowners often choose stone mantels, largely because they are both safe and inexpensive.

Prefabricated Mantels

The least expensive option for homeowners looking to improve the functionality and appearance of their fireplaces by installing a new mantel is to purchase a prefabricated mantel. When purchasing a prefabricated mantel, it’s still a better idea to go with stone than wood. Stone and concrete mantels are more durable than wood mantels and require less maintenance, making them a perfect solution for homeowners looking for a simple home improvement project.

Improved Appearance and Property Value

Most homes built after WWII that include fireplaces have extremely simple mantels, which don’t have the same kind of visual appeal as more complex mantel designs. However, they can very easily be improved upon to increase property value and improve the overall appearance of the home.

Learn More Online Today

Any homeowner looking for a reliable manufacturer of prefabricated concrete fireplace mantels can check out Stone Mountain Castings & Design to check out some pictures and get more information. They can also head to the showroom today to take a look at their finished products and get answers to any questions they may have.

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