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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

Are you considering carpet installation in your home? If so, consider these tips on choosing the right carpet to give your floors the look and feel you want.


How deep do you want the pile of your carpet to be? Not sure what that means? Here’s a quick breakdown to help you choose the texture you’ll love:

  • Pile – The height of your carpeting, determined by the length of the individual loops of fibers that make up its soft surface.
  • High/deep pile – Carpeting with long, usually-looped fibers that can be very soft and shaggy in appearance.
  • Short pile – A tightly-woven carpeting look resulting from shorter loops or straight fibers.
  • Cut pile – A popular choice for families with children and pets, this carpet is dense and soft, evenly cut across all loops to provide a uniform surface without places that snag claws or collect crumbs.


While carpeting was once available only in drab, earthen tones and simple, monochromatic patterns, it is now limited only by the imagination of modern artistry. Some things to consider for your home’s new carpeting include:

  • Color. Do you want bright, bold, beautiful colors, or simple, elegant and understated neutrals? There are benefits to both, as there are to choosing darker or lighter shades of each. Before you make your selection, think about what feeling you want the room to have upon entering, and what it will be used for. Black carpets may not work for a baby’s room, but neither would solid white. Make it appropriate for its application as well as the room’s desired vibe.
  • Pattern. Is your room already papered or painted with complex imagery or patterns up the wall? If so, choose a solid color for carpeting. If your walls are simple and plainly painted, a richly-detailed pattern could help to break it up and add visual interest.

In need of carpet installation in Perth? Consult a local company that can provide you top-quality, Australian-made products and the fast and friendly service you need.

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