Choosing Propane Gas in Clinton for Home Heating and Other Needs

Homeowners who cannot connect to a municipal natural gas utility have the option of ordering delivery of propane gas in Clinton to fuel their furnace, oven and range, and water heater. Some homeowners have clothes dryers that run on propane. These individuals usually live outside of city limits in areas where the utility company has not extended service because the population is not dense enough to justify the expense.

About Propane

Technically known as liquefied petroleum gas, propane originates within natural gas and is separated from that substance. It is stored and delivered as a liquid and is typically delivered by tanker trucks to smaller tanks on customers’ properties.

Delivery Systems

Natural gas runs into the home through a pipe called a service line. The fuel always available from the utility and never runs out. In contrast, since propane gas in Clinton is stored in a tank, homeowners must make sure the tank never runs out of fuel, or they will not have heat. Also, if the tank does run out, the delivery driver must come into the home and verify that the furnace is working properly once the new fuel is in place. Air may get into the line and need to be removed.

Propane vs. Electricity for Heating

Electricity can be used instead of propane when homeowners cannot connect with the municipal utility. However, electricity for heating purposes is significantly less energy efficient, and that lack of efficiency will be reflected in the bills. Electric baseboards, water heaters, and ovens all cost more to run compared with those operating on propane. Propane can power a forced-air furnace or a boiler system in which hot water provides radiant heat throughout the house.

Considering Different Propane Suppliers

Natural gas is only available from the local utility company, but propane usually can be purchased from several suppliers who service the region. Residents have the option of calling around to see if one company has better deals than another. Signing a contract with a company such as East River Energy keeps fuel costs lower than calling for one-time service every time the tank level needs to be filled.

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