Choosing Packaged X-Ray Tubes Manufactured in Santa Cruz, California Apr19


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Choosing Packaged X-Ray Tubes Manufactured in Santa Cruz, California

Choosing packaged X-Ray tubes is an easy decision, considering all the benefits. Since they are outfitted with shielding and wiring already, they are plug-n-play solutions. If you have a high-use application, they will perform perfectly, or you can use them under high volts. Speak to a provider about which types would work best in your situation, and they can help you decide which to use.

What Is a Packaged X-Ray Tube?

These packaged X-ray tubes are inside a metal housing, shielding them from disruptions. Moreover, the metallic housing acts as a buffer against radiation, keeping tubes cool. In addition, their housing prevents arcing and maintains a lower operating temp.

Benefits of Packaged X-Ray Tubes

Expect a broad range of benefits when using these tubes, such as the following:

  1. Superior thermal performance
  1. Plug-n-play installations
  1. Radiation resistance
  1. High-voltage insulation

Thermal Characteristics

Unfortunately, most potted tubes cannot withstand high-temperature applications, limiting utility. However, you may supplement with a packaged tube and use them in more situations. Since they have such great thermal resistance, temperatures do not affect them much.

Ease of Installation

Plug the packaged tube into the machine, and it will start working right away.

How to Know if They Are the Right Choice

If you are not sure whether this would be right for you, ask an expert for some help. They will assist with the decision-making process and show you how the benefits apply.

Micro X-Ray Inc. designs and manufactures X-ray tubes. Visit them at their website today to learn more.

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