Choosing Between Outboards and Inboards

No one’s born an expert, and even the most seasoned boat enthusiast had to start somewhere. If you’re new to the world of boating, then you’re sure to have a wealth of questions. For example, when picking out a propulsion system for your vessel, you might find yourself wondering whether the motor you choose should be of the outboard or inboard variety. You’ll have an assortment of options no matter which one you choose, because the best retailers of boat parts stock items produced by a multitude of companies; Mercruiser, Mercury and Johnson-Erinrude are just a few of the different manufacturers you’ll have to choose from.

When it comes to choosing between outboard and inboard motor parts, personal preference weighs in to an extent. While it’s true that one might be more appropriate than the other where certain situations are concerned, they both have their own unique perks that should be taken into consideration. Each has something that the other doesn’t, and choosing one or the other will have a lot to do with which one has more of what you’re looking for in a propulsion system. Ultimately, outboard motors are much more popular for a variety of reasons, but inboard parts still shouldn’t be counted out right away.

Outboards are widely used in part because of how easy they are to maintain. This, in turn, is due to the way in which the parts are mounted on the boat. Outboards are positioned high up on the transom of the vessel, and it’s possible to adjust them in order to keep them out of the water when they aren’t being used. This makes them much more accessible to the average boater, but they’re usually not as big as inboard motors. Because of this, larger boats often need to use inboard motors just to function properly. Outboards are best suited for fisherman and individuals who generally make more casual use of their watercraft.

Mercruiser and many other companies provide customers with a healthy compromise between outboard and inboard parts. Mercruiser’s I/O drives combine elements from both motor types, resulting in a unique blend of special features. With Mercruiser’s sterndrive parts, your vessel’s motor will be more or less identical to that of any ship with an inboard drive. However, true inboard motors send power through a shaft that goes through the hull of the boat. By contrast, I/O drives contain parts that are similar to those found in outboard motors; the engine powers a lower unit mounted near the transom, which can be accessed and configured from the outside.

Mercruiser parts are available in a number of different styles, giving boaters a multitude of options when choosing sterndrive components.

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