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Choosing an Island Grill in Virginia Beach for Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you have dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen on your property, you will need to choose the various elements that make you happy. Besides seating, decor, and the basic design of the outdoor kitchen area, you will need to choose your grill. When you want to complete your outdoor kitchen at your Virginia Beach home, you can choose an Island Grill in Virginia Beach to suit your needs.

What should you consider when choosing an island grill?


Whether you hire a contractor (recommended) to install your BBQ island or not, the area in which it is to be installed needs to be measured. It’s crucial to know what size your grill and unit needs to be to fit into your outdoor kitchen space.


Outdoor kitchen islands can be constructed of stone, granite, marble, brick, or other natural materials. Depending on the design you want for your outdoor kitchen and the material you prefer, you can choose from a number of options available to suit your preferences. You can even choose your colors, patterns, and other decorative elements for your patio kitchen.

Counter Space

Decide how much counter space you will need or want and choose your island bar-b-cue grill accordingly. You can also choose a design that is “L” shaped, straight, or round. If you require more counter space you can also include an island counter. This will also offer more cabinet storage space.


Kitchen BBQ grills outdoor use come in a variety of styles. The Grand Pavilion GPV3100 is a large configuration with many features and options when you are designing a large outdoor kitchen. The Pavilion PV6026 is a medium-sized island that is functional and decorative. If you have limited space the LBK 610 BBQ Island Series offers just what you need for a small outdoor kitchen.

Regardless of your personal preferences and the size of your outdoor kitchen space, you have plenty of options for your Island grill selection. Your grill acts as your outdoor stove so you can grill any or all of your meals there. You can also choose features like a stove, microwave, and refrigerator to complement your outdoor dream kitchen.


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