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Choosing a Variety of Authentic and Americanized Asian Cuisine for Chinese Catering in Los Angeles

For a long time, U.S. residents generally embraced ethnic food that had been substantially Americanized in one way or another. In more recent years, there has been a definitive shift toward more authentic ethnic cuisine. People looking for Chinese Catering in Los Angeles are likely to want specific types of Asian meals and appetizers that could be found in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

They might broaden their catering options to include Thai food as well, but again, they want those Thai sauces and meals to represent cuisine that residents of Thailand would eat there in their homeland. The same is true if they expand the menu to feature some Japanese items. They are likely to include some Americanized Asian cuisine on the menu as well since they know several of their guests will prefer it.

For instance, the typical diet in China includes a significant amount of chicken and pork, but the meat tends to be added to vegetable dishes to enhance those meals. It’s not as likely for Chinese individuals to eat a big piece of meat with a small side of vegetables, as is common in North America. That’s why General Tso’s chicken, for example, is considered an Americanized Asian meal. It has Asian influences, to be sure, but the deep-fried, battered dinner consisting primarily of meat and white rice might be considered more American than Chinese.

For Chinese Catering in Los Angeles with an authentic flair, the event organizers may want to include wonton and chicken potsticker soup, spring rolls in place of egg rolls, and a variety of Chinese vegetables. For main courses, the menu could feature some stir-fry dishes along with spicy tofu and fried rice. If they know some of their guests love food with a Japanese touch, providing foods with Teriyaki sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and yakisoba noodles will be a welcome decision. With a restaurant such as Feast From The East Chinese Food Catering, customers can have the best of both worlds. They can order authentic Chinese cuisine along with some other favorites they know some of their guests will really enjoy.

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