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How To Choose A Skin Care Clinic For Laser Hair Removal In North Vancouver

Unwanted hair on the body or the face is a source of irritation and even emotional stress and discomfort for men and women. Finding effective, safe ways to provide more than temporary hair removals, such as shaving or waxing, can often seem like a challenge to those living in North Vancouver or throughout the rest of the city.

Thankfully, people today can turn to safe, effective and painless options for long-term hair removal on the body and the face. The use of new technologies in laser hair removal provides permanently smooth skin with regular treatments, with the number of treatments and the duration between decreasing with time.

Type of Provider

Unfortunately, in North Vancouver and throughout the city, not all spas, beauticians and aestheticians offering laser hair removal provide the same quality of service. There are some spas that are using older laser technology that is more likely to result in skin irritation and even surface burns to the skin if not correctly set for the individual patient. Spas or medispas may not have medical professionals on staff, which can limit the effectiveness of the procedure while also increasing the risk to the patient.

Ideally, look for a service that offers medical grade skin care procedures. Make sure the process is supervised by a licensed medical doctor specializing in Aesthetic Medicine. The doctor interviews the patient discusses his or her treatment goals and then determines the ideal process. The doctor also ensures the patient is a good candidate for the procedure.

Additionally, look for a laser hair removal service with full-time technicians and doctors on staff. This is important for both quality of the service as well as the final results. It will also be important to scheduling regular treatment and allowing patients in North Vancouver to return to a practice where they know the staff and trust the procedures and the processes.

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