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Choose Our Crane Contractors in St. Paul, MN.

Cranes are an essential part of many construction projects. If you are a business working on the construction of a building, a new roof, HVAC installation, bridge repairs, antenna installation or similar projects, our crane contractors are prepared to help the work go as safely and efficiently as possible. We have the necessary experience, skills and certifications to ensure that the cranes on your worksite meet OSHA safety standards.

One of our most important services is crane inspections. We perform the inspections of cranes that are required by OSHA. Upon the completion of the inspection, we deliver a written report to you. With this detailed report, you can address any deficiencies detected by our inspector. We can return to the worksite at your request and reinspect the crane after repairs or adjustments have been made.

Another service that our crane contractors in St. Paul, MN offers is crane modification. Perhaps you have the right length or size of crane, but you need it to have a bigger capacity for this job. We can make modifications to it. We can also set you up with a wireless remote operating system so that your employees can control the crane from a safer or more convenient location.

We also supply and install different types of cranes. If you have an indoor production or fulfillment facility, cranes are an important addition. We can set up the crane and keep it working.

When you are in need of crane contractors in St. Paul MN, contact us at Sharrow Lifting. Our years of experience make us the right choice for all of your crane repair, modification, upgrade, inspection and operational needs. Give us a call today to schedule a crane service. You may also visit us online at visit us website in order to learn more about our crane contractors St. Paul MN.

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