Choose MINT Thread Facelift or Neck Lift to Look and Feel Younger Today

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Biotechnology Company

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As they age, many people do not like the way they look. To look younger, they may use creams, serums, and more. Some people go as far as to have surgery. However, surgery can be risky, and can often not result in the look that the person wants. Fortunately, with new technology, these people have a different option that does not require much downtime, or a lot of money. It also gives people the results they are looking for. That technology is known as a thread facelift.

Learning about MINT

A MINT thread facelift is a facelift done with a device that has dual FDA clearance. It is used both for nasolabial fold depth reduction, and skin approximation. This device can help to give a more youthful appearance because it treats sagging skin tissue. The greatest thing about MINT is that it is completely customizable based on the patient’s wants and needs.

Choosing to Use MINT

Undergoing a facelift or neck thread lift can seem daunting. People may not be sure that they are ready to do the procedure. However, those that do have had great success. To determine whether or not they are ready for this kind of procedure, a person should speak with a MINT provider to determine whether this procedure will give them the look that they want. The provider can go over the pros, cons, and the procedure itself. A person may decide to try the facelift procedure and get a neck thread lift at the same time.

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