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Choices In Garage Floor Coating Options In Richmond

For homeowners in Richmond, finding the ideal option to seal and protect their garage floor is often a challenge. There are so many different products on the market as do-it-yourself types of flooring options, and then there are also commercial products to consider.

Before making any choice in a garage floor coating, it is helpful to consider what is required in the coating. For example, is the garage be used for vehicle storage, does there need to be protection from water for the concrete, and is the garage be used for things where spills may be a consideration?

In general, for coatings that are applied to the concrete surface, pain and epoxy are the two options to consider. There are different selections and options within these two categories, with durability, resistance and appearance factors with them all.

Garage Paints

As a garage floor coating, paint offers the least durable option, but it is often the easiest as a do-it-yourself option. Garage paints come in standard colors with the option to have custom colors. Paint is very prone to lifting with exposure to hot tires as well as with most petroleum-based products.

Do-it-yourself Epoxy

The do-it-yourself epoxy floor kits on the market are moderately durable, but they are not a lifetime application. They tend to last approximately 5 -10 years and then need to be re-applied after fully prepping the surface to remove any remaining old epoxy.

Commercially Applied Epoxy Flooring

Professionally installed, commercial grade epoxy flooring is the superior product. It lasts a lifetime and comes in a range of colors and design options including the look of natural stone floors.

This is a multi-step garage floor coating with the full sealing of the surface of the floor as well as finishing to create an anti-skid surface. Highly resistant to staining, or any type of damage, this is the ideal flooring for any Richmond garage.

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