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Childhood Dental Care From A Family Dentist in Rochester, MN

The need for dental care begins during infancy and lasts throughout our lives. During those early months, pediatricians recommend using a soft washcloth or a finger toothbrush for cleaning a baby’s tender gum tissue. This same method can be used when the first baby teeth begin to appear; however, around the time of a baby’s first birthday, doctors feel it is time to schedule baby’s first visit to a dentist. This would be the time to begin searching for a Family Dentist in Rochester, MN. Before scheduling baby’s initial dental visit, be sure to ask if the practice offers services to patients of that age, though, because many dentists only offer care to children ages five and older.

During baby’s first visit, the dentist will ensure the jaw bones and teeth are growing and forming properly. He will cover the basics of at home care and the importance of weaning baby off of bottles and pacifiers and not allowing baby to keep sippy-cups over night, as these items and habits could promote tooth decay and misaligned teeth. He will also recommend a fluoride free toothpaste to add to baby’s dental regimen. Though fluoride is vital to strong teeth, too much fluoride at this young age could leave brown or yellow spots on baby’s teeth.

As a child’s baby teeth come in, regular professional cleanings become increasingly important. Twice each year, the dentist will clean a child’s teeth and reinforce proper brushing and flossing techniques. Cavities become increasingly prominent throughout childhood, increasing the need for fillings. If a cavity is found, the dentist will drill away the decaying enamel and dentin, as well as a small amount of the healthy portion of the tooth, to ensure no affected tissue remains. He will then fill the void with a resin compound and use a specialized UV light to harden the substance.

If a child or teenager’s teeth should be damaged or lost due to a fall, sports injury or other accident, the dentist can easily repair or replace them through various techniques. Chipped or cracked teeth can often be repaired with the same type of compound used in fillings for cavities. When a baby tooth is lost to injury, a dentist may decide to simply wait for the permanent tooth to grow in, but if the lost tooth is a permanent one, the dentist can replace it through the use of a crown, implant or partial denture.

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