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A Child Support Law Attorney in St. Charles, MO Can Help You Through the Process

Filing for child support can be confusing because the guidelines use a formula of income for both parents, but will also take into account which is paying for health insurance and daycare. Every child support situation is different because of the parent’s amount of income, the number of children involved, and which parent is paying for added costs for the children. With the help of child support law attorney in St. Charles, MO, a parent will feel confident knowing that they are only paying what they owe or receiving exactly what they are owed.

Getting Married or Living with the Child’s Parent

When a couple who are the parents of the same child get married or live together, the child support order should order should be amended. A modification of the child support should be filed because of the significant change that has occurred.

Income Level Has Changed for a Paying Parent

When a paying parent loses their job or is unable to remain employed due to their health or other situation, they should request a modification of the child support. A parent cannot voluntarily quit their job and expect a reduction in their child support. If the loss of income is through no fault of their own, they may be able to have the amount they pay each month reduced.

Can a Parent Prohibit the Other Parent from Seeing Their Child If They Haven’t Paid Support?

A parent cannot deny the other parent visitation or custodial time because they haven’t paid their child support. Child support is completely independent of custody or visitation with a child. If a parent hasn’t paid their child support, they should speak with a child support law attorney in St. Charles, MO to begin contempt proceedings.

Determining Paternity

If an individual is served with child support papers and doesn’t think they’re the father of the child, they should immediately seek the help of a family law attorney. A paternity test will establish who the legal father is of a child.

If you’re interested in obtaining child support or modifying a current child support order, you need to hire an attorney to protect your interests. Visit website for more information about child support and other family law issues.

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