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Chelsea Apartments – Reasons Why Investing Here Can Be a Great Decision

New York City is home to some very expensive real estate. However, investing in a home here can get you enormous dividends and high return value within a very few years because the cost of real estate here is on a drastic upward swing. There are a lot of areas in New York where you can buy a home. One of the best places is Chelsea. It is a very desirable neighborhood and Chelsea apartments are very convenient in more than one way. Read on to know why.


Chelsea is nestled in the West Side of Manhattan. One of the major reasons why Chelsea is a great destination for a residence is because of the amenities available in the neighborhood. You have everything here, from a good education and healthcare facilities to peaceful surroundings. The region is famous for its shopping district, which is an added bonus of staying here. Chelsea is surrounded by Hell’s Kitchen, Garment District, Hudson River and Ladies’ Mile Historic District. The place has grocery stores, wine stores, fish market, fruit market and all other kinds of stores which you might require.

Religious, entertainment and recreational opportunities

If you are looking for some entertainment, all you have to do is peak in the neighborhood of your Chelsea apartment and you are sure to find an entertainment center. Here are some great recreation centers in the region.

  • Chelsea Piers are a part of history. See if you can find an apartment overlooking these historic piers. The piers have been restored and a major portion has been converted into shopping centers
  • Central Park located in Chelsea is one of the most famous and popular in New York City. A waterfront park on the Hudson River is a highlight here. The park offers a refreshing change from the modernity of the city
  • Chelsea Studios, home to numerous television and film productions, is a good place to visit

Other significant places in Chelsea are Church of the Holy Apostles, The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church, Chelsea Market, High Line urban park, Empire Diner, Rubin Museum of Art, Pike’s Opera House and so many others.

The culture

Chelsea is a melting point of multiple cultures which characterize America. People of different ethnic backgrounds co-exist here and the ambiance of the entire region is friendly. There are several art galleries and museums in Chelsea which take you close to the culture of the place. If you are an art lover and appreciate American culture and history, Chelsea apartments are a great option for you.

With so much going in its favor, investing in Chelsea apartments is definitely desirable. There are a lot of green apartments here which you can opt for. You can get in touch with real estate companies or brokers to make a good deal about a reliable property in Chelsea.

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