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Charms: How To Say A Lot In A Small Space

Somebody who doesn’t hide how they feel and is open with their emotions is said to wear their heart on their sleeve and another way of expressing your likes and tastes is with a charm on your chest. Charms are small pieces of decorative metal, shaped into virtually anything you can imagine. From a loved one’s letter of their first name to an angel to a beer can, people can express what they’re in to without saying a word.

Why Charms?

It seems narcissistic to awkwardly walk up to somebody and proclaim, “I like turtles” and while you’re only trying to break the ice, a turtle charm might be a better route to take in proclaiming your love for these shelled friends. If you were an expert hurdler in high school, perhaps a rabbit charm can convey your ability to swiftly leap through the air and leave turtles in your dust. Maybe you were just the team statistician and a wise owl charm would suit you better.

The point to get across is that charms can tell a whole story, even though they’re only small forged pieces of silver and pewter. As long as something has meaning to you, it’s invaluable and the good thing about charms is that they’re about 100% less permanent than a tattoo. Not only does a single charm tell a story, you can tell the tales of your life with a charm bracelet. Important life experiences can be documented with baby charms for a new edition, heart charms for love, sad face charms for loss and any other ups and downs you experience on this grand journey. Instead of opening a large scrapbook to reminisce about your life, you can relive it every day with a glance down at your wrist.

Other Charm Uses

Symbolic charms are pretty self-explanatory in that they display items and thoughts that motivate you in your daily life. Charms are actually used in a wide variety of scopes, something you wouldn’t expect from small decorative jewelery. For instance, take a trip to a casino at any given time and you’ll see a person gripping the life out of the slot spindle with one hand while practically rubbing the silver off their charm with the other. If a four leaf clover or rabbits foot charm is the difference between a royal flush and a royal pain in the rear than the charm investment was a wise one.

When deciding which charm is for you, don’t just randomly pick one off a page or borrow somebody else’s cool charm idea, search inside for a charm arrangement that has special personal meaning. Your charm is meant to be an artifact as well as a conversation starter and when somebody asks you about your silver whistle charm, it’s supposed to invoke passion about the time you accidentally cost somebody’s pet turtle a victory in one of the biggest turtle-rabbit races in history.

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