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Charm Bracelets in Clifton NJ Make the Best Gifts

Charm bracelets have been around since 400 BC. They were originally worn by men as well as women and were believed to bring good luck or defend against evil spirits. In the late eighteen hundreds, Tiffany and Company introduced their first charm bracelet. It was made of silver links with a solitary heart charm. Queen Victoria, herself, added to the status of charm bracelets when her Prince Albert passed away and she added dark colored mourning charms to her bracelet. Soldiers returning from the First World War brought back charms from their world travels, adding to their popularity even more.

Charm Bracelets in Clifton NJ can become an appealing and unique way for a wearer to symbolically display their autobiography. A charm bracelet is a perfect gift for a young girl. As years pass, she can add charms for important life events such as graduations, landmark birthdays or participation in team sports or cheerleading. A charm is also an excellent way to commemorate a trip. After a tour of Europe, a bracelet with charms representing each city and all the various tourist spots can allow one to relive the vacation again and again.

Charms can be added to signify weddings and baby showers. There are special birthstone charms to represent the birth of children and other special events. Charm Bracelets in Clifton NJ can also be created to represent special themes significant to each individual wearer. It’s possible to have a Disney charm bracelet filled with characters like Mickey and Donald or one representing Elvis Presley fandom with charms of little blue suede shoes, tiny record albums and teddy bears.

Once you discover someone is an aficionado of charm bracelets, you will never have to struggle to think of a gift for them again. Plus, charms are available in a wide range of prices. There are trinkets made with real gemstones, such as diamonds and rubies, which can be quite expensive. There are also beautiful charms made from all sorts of less expensive materials. Browse our website and explore all the wonderful charm bracelets that are destined to become cherished family heirlooms.

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