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Charged with a Felony? Contact a Criminal Attorney in Bradenton

Being arrested for a felony is a frightening experience. The first thing that an individual should do is hire a Criminal Attorney Bradenton to represent them. The urge to speak to the police investigators may be overwhelming. Police detectives have been trained to get people to admit to guilt and provide evidence of crimes. The first rule is to say nothing to anyone, but especially the police. While a person is waiting for bail or their lawyer to arrive at the jail, they have to be sure not to speak to anyone in their cell about their case. They also have to remember that jail phones are not secure and the police and the district attorney have the right to listen.

Criminal Attorneys Bradenton practices begin their defense by looking at the reason for the investigation and the probable cause that led to their client’s arrest. The lawyer or their private investigator will interview all witnesses to determine if their testimony is accurate, consistent and free of prejudice. If witness testimony is riddled with bias or inconsistencies, this weakens the case against the defendant. It’s also important that a defendants lawyer look for an evidence that proves their client is innocent. Based on the facts of the case and evidence, the defense attorney looks for all possible defense strategies.

A Criminal Attorney in Bradenton practice walks a fine line between have a good working relationship with the police and searching for police misconduct. It is necessary for a defense attorney to rigorously review police procedures to ensure that they did everything by the book. A violation of Constitutional rights could mean that the case is thrown out.

Everyone is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Once bail has been posted, the defendant is free to go to work and carry on their lives. Their Criminal Attorney Bradenton can file the necessary pleadings to have the defendant excused from many of the pre-trial proceedings. This allows them to go to work and school. Carrying on in a responsible manner shows the judge that the defendant is a responsible person with a solid life. If the worse happens and the defendant is found guilty at a trial, this could impress the judge.

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