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Centralia, IL DUI Attorney – We Know the Law

If you are arrested in Centralia, IL for a DUI, there are many reasons why you need to get a Centralia, IL DUI attorney quickly. A DUI is a serious offense, and any delays can see you face one of the many possible consequences if found guilty. With the state’s Supreme Court instructing the Illinios Municipal Courts to handle any DUI / DWI cases as quickly as possible – usually within 60 days – it is clear that these kinds of cases take high priority. With that being the case, there is an even more urgent need for you to contact a DUI attorney quickly if you live in the county for your cases to be given enough time and worked out if you are to avoid losing.

Time is not the only reason why you should take DUI cases seriously. Ilinios law does not allow court officers to negotiate plea agreements with defendants. This means that the ball is your lawyer’s court to try to resolve the case by looking at the evidence provided as well as the scientific procedures used against you when charged. It is up to the lawyer to convince the judge without any reasonable doubt that you are not guilty of a DUI charge. Of course, this takes time and needs the expertise of an experienced lawyer who knows his or her way around Centralia, IL DUI laws.

There is yet another reason why you need a Centralia, IL DUI attorney. When convicted of this offense you are facing fines, license suspension, surcharges and sometimes possible jail time. What is more, you will be stamped with a mandatory $3,000 to $3,500 DMV insurance surcharge which you cannot escape. However, skilled lawyers can help you fight either a first, second or third DUI offense in court and help you avoid any of these possible outcomes. Skilled professionals will usually try to question the validity, reliability and accuracy of the scientific standards that are usually associated with DUI offenses. There are many ways to go about such cases, but a DUI attorney will most likely help you fight such cases.

Often there are seemingly small details in a DUI case that a DUI lawyer may be able to spot and help in a case. What kind of breathalyzer test was used? What is the error range of the breathalyzer and does the error put your blood level in the legal alcohol range? If arrested in a parking lot, is there any evidence that you drove intoxicated? What about the procedural cases such as implied consent issues? All these are reasons why a DUI attorney will come in handy in your case. You simply cannot risk going into a court without a DUI attorney by your side.

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