Central Air Conditioning Maintenance in Houston TX Extends the Equipment’s Lifespan

Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance in Houston TX helps homeowners rest assured they’ll be able to stay cool all through the warmest weather of the year. As with any larger machinery running on a motor, regular tune-ups keep the equipment in good working order. Homeowners can’t expect to have a central air conditioner installed and never need any cleaning, adjustments or parts replacement. That’s especially true in a hot, muggy climate like that of Houston, where people put a lot of demand on this equipment.

Raising the Temperature

In addition to scheduling yearly Air Conditioning Maintenance in Houston TX, homeowners can extend the lifespan of the equipment by turning the thermostat up a degree or two. It may seem a little warm at first, but household residents quickly adjust. Running a fan helps and adds very little to the monthly electric expense. People generally feel comfortable at a temperature of 75 or 76 degrees once they get used to it.

Checking for Duct Leaks

When scheduling the next tuneup appointment, the customers might ask representatives from a contractor such as Indoor Comfort Specialists to have the technicians thoroughly check all the ductwork in the home. Over the years, these pipes can develop small leaks as the joints loosen and sometimes even separate. That can cause a significant loss of conditioned air and lead to much higher electric bills. The system also has to work a great deal harder to keep the home cool.

Changing the Filter

Changing the filter in the air exchanger as recommended allows air to flow freely through the equipment and into the vents. Otherwise, it has to battle to get through pleats clogged with dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, and other debris. Checking the filter on the first of each month lets the household residents see whether it’s dirty yet or not.

With these measures, residents of Houston and the surrounding communities will enjoy comfortable climate control on the hottest days and whenever else they want to run the central air conditioner. People are grateful for that, particularly in months like August of 2019, which saw the mercury reach 101 degrees on one sweltering day.

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