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Causes and Treatment for Foundation Problems in a Home

As homes age, foundation issues may occur. Problems with a home’s foundation typically occur because of shifting soil, tree roots, or a lack of drainage and waterproofing. Foundation problems may cause uneven floors and Bowed Walls Washington PA. These problems may also manifest as cracks in walls, chimneys, and windows. Homeowners should address these issues immediately because they can cause structural damage, and if left to continue, the end result will be the destruction of the home.

One viable option for treating problems with a foundation is to install proper waterproofing and drainage, particularly in a basement. Homes built on ground level or below must be waterproofed. The ground water will cause the water table to rise. The water table’s elevation increases the hydrostatic pressure, and this pressure will force water into the lowest level of the home. The resulting moisture will cause major damage to the home’s foundation, and it will cause the growth of mildew and mold that can make the home uninhabitable. The damage to the foundation will lead to Bowed Walls Washington PA, damaged door frames, cracks in walls, and cracks in windows. Protecting against the water’s entrance and ensuring its quick exit are the best ways to protect the structural integrity of the home.

Waterproofing involves three basic steps: sealing floors and walls, draining interior water, and sealing and draining the exterior. The first step involves the application of a sealant, like epoxy. For concrete foundations, this procedure is highly effective, and it typically includes a guarantee of several years. While not as effective for stone or brick foundations, the procedure will prevent high levels of humidity and slow down deterioration, but it must be applied more often to these foundations than those made of concrete. The next step includes the collection of water upon entry of the home, with tiles and a trench drain. The water drains to a sump pump, and it is then eliminated from the home. The final step of waterproofing a home is to drain and seal the exterior of the home. The area around the home is cleared to the bottom of the foundation, and then sealant and drainage tiles are applied to the area. These steps will help ensure that the foundation of a home remains structurally solid.

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