Cases That Would Prompt You To Visit A Foot Doctor May25


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Cases That Would Prompt You To Visit A Foot Doctor

At times, people forget just how useful feet are and fail to give them the proper care and attention they deserve. It could take even years before you experience any discomfort on your feet as they are hardy, but at times you can no longer ignore the signs and symptoms and will have to visit a Foot Doctor Bronzeville. Below are some cases that need attention:


The moment you note your feet being numb, it could indicate that you are suffering from neuropathy a result of diabetes. The condition is very serious and could get out of hand therefore you need to book an appointment with your podiatrist.


If you experience pain on the ankle, heel or lower leg, you should visit Mitchell Foot & Ankle in these areas can be caused by several things but should never be ignored. Wear proper fitting shoes to avoid painful blisters. Also, avoid standing for long hours. If the pain is too much, there could be a broken bone or tendon that will need a specialists’ attention.


These can be found on or under the skin. Warts and calluses are common on the skin. Heel spurs are found under the skin on the heel region caused by too tight shoes, obesity and diabetes. The growths could cause too much pain therefore you will have to visit the hospital.

Skin irritation and change of color

These two symptoms could mean you are suffering from several conditions such as athlete’s foot that is common in athletes. If you note that your skin is abnormally pale, then you could be suffering from poor blood circulation, gout or an infection. These conditions are not serious but have to be diagnosed and treated properly if you want them to clear.

Change in shape

This is caused by a ruptured or broken tendon when too much pressure is exerted on it. When this happens, it could lead to arthritis and hammertoe. The right shoe size and socks will relieve off this pressure. In severe cases, surgery is the only way to correct the condition.

Though some of the above-mentioned problems seem minor, it is important to have them checked before they lead to something more serious that will require surgery. You can get a good Foot Doctor in the area, most of whom can be found on. Visit Mitchell Foot & Ankle to know more information.

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