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Caring for Your Pets Through Boarding Services Offered in Lorton

Sometimes, you might need to leave your pet with someone else who will provide the care that he needs until you get back home. An option is pet boarding services in Lorton, VA, that are often offered by veterinarians and private facilities. Services are usually offered throughout the year and can be utilized whether you’re going on a vacation and can’t take your pet or if you want your pet to get social interaction with other animals during the day for a few hours.


Before taking your pet to a boarding facility, you need to take a tour to make sure the entire area is clean. Pay attention to how the animals interact with each other and the workers. Talk to the workers to find out how often someone is at the facility to care for the animals and how much experience they have.


There are often rules that you need to follow before your pet can board at a facility. These rules usually include making sure your pet has the proper vaccinations within a certain amount of time before boarding and ensuring that your pet is well-behaved for being around other animals.


Although most facilities that offer pet boarding services in Lorton, VA, provide food and basic needs for pets, you should try to take the food your pet usually eats. It can sometimes prevent an upset stomach due to changes in your pet’s living environment for even a few days. You could also take a blanket, favorite toy, or other items that your pet enjoys as ways to provide comfort.

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